Coyote hunting

I'm looking to do some coyote hunting in Ct I have searched around online looking for hunting areas but to no prevail. I'm new to coyote hunting and would like some help with finding a area or possible hunting partner. Thanks bryon
Discussion started by Bryon Heath , on 1655 days ago
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Dennis Genarelli
good luck tomorrow Jim if you go back out keep us posted, the more coyotes taken out the better in my opinion.
1318 days ago
Jim Stowe
Using a couple Primos calls sounding like something dying a very hard death or very injured. I live within 1/4 mile of the den and went on state land to get close to that spot. Used the calls and it was less than 5 minutes and 6 where 10 yards in front of me. Wind was blowing to me and head to toe Mossy Oak Breakup camo. I am going again Wednesday and Saturday. These 2 were pups but in the past 2 weeks we have had 2 different adults in our yard. One a very dark coyote. If you want to help the deer population spend the summer getting rid of these pests in your areas.
1318 days ago
Steve Mancini
Jim are you baiting them or just waiting for one to make a mistake and come by you , it sounds interesting and i would like to hear information .
1319 days ago
Jim Stowe
Went coyote hunting for the first time yesterday near my house on state land. After losing cats and waking up to howling nearly every night, I figured it was time to try my hand at it. Bought a couple calls from Dick's and the next morning dressed in Mossy Oak Breakup and took my 10/.22 into an area I know well. I set up in the woods off a wood road and made some god awfull sounds with the calls. Less than 5 minutes movement 10 yards to my left turned out to be a coyote pup carrying something with a tail and legs in it's mouth. Shot it and in less that a minute I had 5 others in front of me. The lone adult didn't offer a shot so I shot the 2 other pups that stood there looking at the one that was shot first. The amazing part was the remaining yotes were howling at apx 50 yards out after all this was done. What the first coyote was carrying turned out to be the back half of one of their siblings killed within a couple hours earlier by the yotes themselves. Not much love in that group I guess. Definitly found a new addiction in the woods. I plan to share this experience with my Grandkids and friends as much as possible.
1320 days ago
Phil Mailhiot
Hey gang....during the winter months the coyotes ar breeding and I find that howling 1st thing in the morning works real well. The yotes think its an intruder in thier teritorry. I have used a small germanshepard stuffed dog, let my dog sent it up real good and place that out in the open down wind of me. For just pray squealind a turkey feathe on a stick in the wind is all the movement you need some times. All his atention will be on the feather alwoing you a shot......just a few thoughts Good luck out there!!!
1488 days ago
Joe Tucker
I also would like to try some coyote hunting this season. I have an electronic call, just wondering what I should get for decoy. I've seen the little rabbit thing, is this the best device?
Thinking Feburary would be a good time to get out there and I believe the pelts are at their prime then?
1489 days ago
Mike Miller
state land is open to small game. coyote can hear a distress call for up to a mile away. A regular mouth call is all you need. Shot gun works well. # 2 shot is the largest permitted on state land.
Use the largest shell your gun can handle, mine will take a 3 1/2", but 2 3/4" will work. I killed one at 60 yards broadside to me with a 12ga. 3" mag. #4 shot. One shot! I was kind of surprised. I was ready for a follow up shot...but he doubled over, done. On private land it's nice to use a rifle..I like my 270. some guys bring both, rifle for long shots and shot gun for close shots. Many times they don't stop trotting. It helps to have a visual attraction. They make furry moving devices to get their attention off of the caller. $20 at Cabela's. Yotesters will come in to a turkey call, distress call; rabbit or deer, but they won't stay long!! Run in stop a few seconds, if they don't see anything...gone! So don't hesitate. shoot the first chance you get. If you can drive a vehicle in your area, get out, set up somewhere and call for 3/4 of an hour. If nothing drive a mile down the road and do it again.....

Good luck!! let me know how you make out.
1489 days ago
Peter Keyes
Ditto. The trick is going to be getting a decent size tract of private land though because 22's ain't gonna cut it, unless they are centerfire. :)
Have a 223 and a home made electronic call, now to just find a place.
1569 days ago
Tony Spina
Never tried it. I would like to give it a shot myself
1639 days ago